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C1 BROKER presents the medical insurance of ASSSA, Health Insurance Company since 1935 in Spain

ASSSA Health Insurance in Spain, Medical Insurance for Expatriates

ASSSA Health Insurance 

ASSSA is a 100% Spanish company. ASSSA have been experts in health care for over 85 years.
ASSSA has different products and contract modalities.

At C1 Broker, we will recommend the most suitable modality for you, depending on your specific case, age, place of residence, needs and lifestyle.

Asssa offers the following modalities for  health insurance products;these vary depending on the coverage level of the benefit limit.


·     BASIS


·     PLUS

·     MASTER

·     SUMMUM (the most complete and best service package from ASSSA)

One of the reasons for choosing an ASSSA policy is that it cannot be cancelled from day one. ASSSA offers a lifetime contractual guarantee not to terminate the contract due to age, illness or use. Asssa also undertakes, not to increase the premium based on age

Other health insurances adjust the premium according to the age, with ASSSA you always stay in the corresponding premium level, just like when taking out the policy.


Maximum admission age:

BASIS - The maximum age for admission is 79 years.

STANDARD, PLUS, MASTER AND SUMMARY - The maximum age for admission is 74 years.

If you are above this age limit, please contact us, we will check your admission.

Of the five ASSSA health insurance products, C1 Broker recommends the product SUMMUM.
SUMMUN has the highest service limits and a choice of doctor with the reimbursement system.

ASSSA in the Canary Islands

The insurance company has a good medical team of specialists, clinics and private centres in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura..

As an example, here are some of the centres of the ASSSA network in the Canary Islands:


The affiliated network of ASSSA in Tenerife: 


Clínica Parque, Centro Médico Miraverde, ICOT Policlínico Santa Cruz, ICOT, La Orotava, ICOT, Hospiten Sur, Hospiten Rambla, etc.

ASSSA in Mainland Spain

ASSSA has offices, doctors and hospitals that are affiliated, in Denia, Alicante, Albacete, Moraira, Altea, Barcelona, Figueres (Girona), Málaga, Madrid und Murcia.

You can see the ASSSA Affiliated doctors of here: 



ASSSA Summum, the most comprehensive and complete health insurance:


Summum is ASSSA Salud's most complete product and offers a variety of benefits and guarantees. Here we present the most outstanding:  

Free choice of doctor with reimbursement for family medicine, paediatrics and private specialists.
Direct access to private medical services without waiting lists - from the first day you have access to renowned doctors and the best private clinics from day one.
The coverage includes high-tech diagnostic equipment.
Should you need surgery, with Summum there are no waiting lists like in public health.

Travel health insurance - international help in medical emergencies. including repatriation.
Included in Summum are special treatments such as:

Oncology with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, artificial kidney and peritoneal dialysis for acute kidney failure, etc.

Unlimited hospitalisation with medication and in addition the bed for the accompanying person is included in the medical and surgical hospitalisation.
It is not only in times of sickness that Summum provides you with excellent coverage, but also in terms of prevention. It covers preventive medicine with an annual comprehensive medical examination.
Insurance coverage for prostheses - includes breast prostheses for reconstructions after mastectomy (breast cancer with breast reconstruction).
Financial compensation for hospitalisation from the fourth day.


Primary care
General medicine
Paediatrics and child care
Emergency treatment

Specialist medical fields:
Allergology; Anaesthesiology and resuscitation for surgical interventions and childbirth; Angiology and vascular surgery; Digestive system including endoscopies with sedation; Cardiology; General surgery including arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgery); Specialised surgery; Dermatology, endocrinology and nutrition; Geriatrics; Haematology; Immunology; Internal Medicine; Nuclear medicine; Nephrology; Neonatology; Pulmonology; Clinical neurophysiology; Neurology; Obstetrics and gynaecology; Dentistry and ostomy care; Ophthalmology; Medical oncology; Ear, nose and throat medicine; Proctology, psychiatry; Rheumatology; Traumatology; Urology;

Clinical analysis, radiology and other diagnostic tools
Sedation during digestive endoscopy
High-tech diagnostic equipment
PET, CT, MRI, vascular haemodynamics, etc.


Surgically with medication
Medically with medication
Paediatrics with medication
Obstetrics with medication (childbirth)
Post-surgical intensive care unit with medication / 7 days max.
Medical treatment in the intensive care unit / 90 days max
Psychiatric / 90 days

Dental care coverage with extractions, cures and annual teeth cleaning 

Artificial kidney and peritoneal dialysis for acute kidney failure
Clinical oncology: Specialist, diagnosis and operation
Chemotherapy (anti-tumour medication), not outpatient
Conventional radiation therapy with a linear electron accelerator
Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
60 sessions of the musculoskeletal system and 40 sessions of cardiac and post-CAV
Ambulance on the way to the clinic in the emergency room
Birth preparation and midwife.
Family planning (fallopian tube ligature and vasectomy)
International emergency medical assistance when traveling. Including repatriation.

Annual medical check-up:
Primary medicine: Consultation, full physical examination and assessment by the family doctor. Clinical tests including TSH (women) and total PSA (men). A/P and lateral chest x-ray. Abdominal ultrasound.
Specialised Medicine: Consultation and clinical examination by the specialist in: Ear, nose and throat Medicine (including audiometry). Digestive system (including colonoscopy if necessary). Cardiology (including electrocardiogram). Gynaecology (including cytology, mammography, breast ultrasound and gynaecology, bone density measurement), urology (including urological ultrasound)



Ophthalmology: mono-focal lenses for cataracts
General surgery: Patch flaps for surgical interventions for hernias and / or eventrations.
Cardiology: Coronary angioplasty stents.
Up to 3,000 euros/year per insured person for internal traumatic hip and knee prostheses, vascular bypasses, heart valves, pacemakers and breast prostheses for reconstructions after mastectomy.




Primary care:
Consultation with a family doctor (3 consultations/month) € 30/consultation
Paediatric consultation (3 consultations/month) € 36 euros/consultation
Specialists: (2 consultations per specialty/month)

Group 1: Digestive medicine, cardiology, general surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, internal medicine, pulmonology, obstetrics and gynaecology, odontostomatology, ophthalmology, ENT, rheumatology, traumatology and urology. € 50 / consultation


Group 2: Allergology, angiology and vascular surgery, specialised surgery, haematology, immunology, nephrology, neurology, oncology, proctology and psychiatry. € 60 / consultation

Financial compensation for hospitalisation (from the fourth day) 30 euros / day

Other freely selectable services and reimbursement limits:

  • Psychology (10 sessions) € 30 / session

  • Phoniatrics (20 sessions) € 30 / session

  • Chiropractic (6 sessions) € 30 / session

  • Podiatry (10 sessions) € 18 / session

  • Birth preparation € 150 / course

Health insurance advice in Spain with C1 Broker


Important information:
Even though this page shows and explains the most important coverage of ASSSA's products, it is important that you receive comprehensive advice before concluding a contract.
Our experts have 25 years of experience and are happy to advise you. Please also read the product information and general insurance conditions of ASSSA in order to be fully informed about the product you want to take out.

At C1 Insurance Brokers, we specialise in health insurance advice for British Expatriates, Diplomats or Foreign residents in Spain .Due to the fundamental differences in the coverage, it is important to obtain fundamental and essential advice so that you do not make a mistake here that will later become expensive.
We would also be happy to advise you: request your online consultation here or ask us for a free quote.