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DKV Mundisalud - Free choice medical insurance in Spain and in the World

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DKV Mundisalud a product for residents in Spain 

Current discount campaign, valid until January 2021 *

·     25 discount on the premium in the first year

·     20 discount on the premium in the second year

·     15 discount on the premium in the third year

·     10 discount on the premium in the fourth year

DKV Mundisalud is health insurance with a free choice of doctor. The customer can choose from the affiliated hospitals and centres or choose a hospital and doctor anywhere in the world (up to the agreed limit) and submit the invoice to DKV

The submitted invoices from Spain are reimbursed up to 80%, the invoices from abroad up to 90%.  There are 4 modalities, they all have the same benefits but differ in the reimbursement limit with free choice of doctor. These limits only apply to treatments that are carried out in centres that are not affiliated with DKV. There is no limit in centres and hospitals affiliated with DKV.

Admission up to a maximum of 75 years of age.


Limitations of the individual products:

DKV Mundisalud Complet

  • Total annual limit: € 62,000

  • Inpatient stays: € 50,000

  • Consultation by specialists (per session) € 80

  • Prostheses: € 12,000

  • Hospital stay per day: € 200

DKV Mundisalud Plus

  • Total annual limit: €  100.000

  • Inpatient stays: € 85.000

  • Consultation by specialists (per session) € 120

  • Prostheses: € 12.000

  • Hospital stay per day: € 300

DKV Mundisalud Classic

  • Total annual limit: €  205.000

  • Inpatient stays: € 160.000

  • Consultation by specialists: no limit

  • Prostheses: € 12.000

  • Hospital stay per day: € 650

DKV Mundisalud Elite

  • Total annual limit: €  300.000

  • Inpatient stays € 250.000

  • Consultation by specialists: no limit

  • Prostheses: € 15.000

  • Hospital stay per day: € 900


​Why DKV Mundisalud?


Speed → with Social Security, the average waiting time for surgery is 115 days, and for a specialist, 72 days.

Close attention → choice of appointment times to adapt to each person, no waiting lists and access to a greater number of services not covered by public health care (dental cover, physiotherapy, second medical opinion, etc.).

Timesaving → there is no need to go to a GP to get an appointment with a specialist.

Choice → the ability to choose the doctor you want to see within the DKV associated medical directory.

Online procedures → authorisations, contracting products, making appointments for specific tests, etc.

Comfort → private room in the event of hospitalisation with a bed for a companion.



• Medical assistance for traffic and occupational accidents.

• Policy non-cancellation commitment after three years.

• No price increases according to how much the insurance is used → individual modality.

• Chiropody, physiotherapy and rehabilitation with no limit of sessions.

• Compensation for hospitalisation when the costs are not borne by DKV (€80/day, maximum €2,400).

• Second medical opinion.

• The best emergency global travel assistance on the market (trips of up to 180 days and with a maximum limit of €20,000).

• Dental cover included at no additional cost.

• No limits on prostheses, except for cardiovascular prostheses, with a limit of €12,000

• Extensive age of contracting: 75 for the individual product and 67 for the group product.

• Psychotherapy 20 sessions/year and 40 for eating disorders, bullying at school, cyberbullying, occupational stress and gender-based or domestic violence.

• Assistance in pregnancy and childbirth.

• Hospitalisation with no limit to the number of days (except for psychiatric treatment, max. 60 days/year).

• Reimbursement for the Conservation of Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood → individual modality.

• Oncoplastic breast reconstruction following radical surgery and contralateral breast symmetry surgery post-mastectomy.

• 3D mammogram.

• Reimbursement for serious illnesses abroad2 (80%, max. €16,000). individual modality

• Quiero Cuidarme +: - Digital Doctor, 24-hour medical assistance, symptom checker and video consultation with specialists (paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, traumatology, the endocrine system and psychology) so that you can look after your health anywhere and at any time. - I want to look after myself, to understand and improve my Healthy Lifestyle Index - Health diary (personal calendar to record medical appointments and other health activities), make an appointment online and health folder (to securely save medical reports and receive results)

• Optional module for the free choice of gynaecology and paediatrics → individual modality

• Discount for the number of insured persons: 7% (4 pers.) 12% (+4 pers.) → individual modality • Discounts for different payment methods: 2.8% Quarterly 4.6% Every six months 7% Yearly → individual modality


Why do you need a Health Insurance in Spain?

It is  becoming increasingly necessary to take out private health insurance that guarantees fast access, without waiting lists, to the best centres and specialists. This is even more necessary for those with small children, in order to ensure speed and quality of care in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

This type of insurance is too important to just go for the price without having in mind the limits and exclusions.

When it is a matter of health, the priority of our office is giving the best advice to avoid any surprises.


What type of medical insurance do you need for Residency in Spain?

If you are applying for residency (green NIE) it is mandatorily required to have a full cover with no co-payment, meaning that the insurance options that meets your purposes are: Integral Elite and Profesional Elite (for self-employed or non-self-employed). Please check terms and conditions on the form given to you by the Policía Nacional.



If you are interested in taking out the policy a small health declaration is required. Any preexisting conditions will be excluded.

• Discounts for different payment methods: 2.8% Quarterly 4.6% Every six months 7% Yearly → individual modality


If you need some help choosing one of our health insurances please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you out!


Have Questions or Need Help?

Finding the right  medical insurance  in Spain and understanding how it works can be confusing. If you have any questions, contact one of our dedicated account executives at or call us at +34 922 94 16 10. We are at your disposal.


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