Seguro para enfermedades graves DKV Seguros


The most comprehensive serious illness insurance that takes you abroad to get the best treatment from the best specialists. worldwide.

DKV MUNDICARE - Insurance for Serious Illnesses - British Expatriates & Foreign Residents in SPAIN

What is a serious illness insurance? 

It is a supplementary health insurance that comes into effect in the event of serious illnesses. 
If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, DKV gives you access to the best treatment available worldwide.


You are guaranteed coverage of the entire treatment and the necessary logistics, that is, the transport is taken over and organised by the insurance company.

This type of insurance is not a full health insurance policy, but rather a supplement or an add-on that is only used in the event of serious illness.

What does DKV's Mundicare cover?

By taking out Mundicare insurance, you have the right to a second medical opinion in the event of serious illness. The company's medical department will analyse your case and find out which international centre is best for treating your pathology from among the best specialists and hospitals around the world .

- With Mundicare, DKV takes care of your trip, that of your companion and your hospital admission, and of how you and your companion are brought home safe.
- Reimbursement of medical costs during the term of the policy
- Compensation for hospitalisation

Each condition is assessed by the best specialists and the most appropriate treatment is recommended for each case.

Financial security - you do not have to pay for the treatments in advance, the DKV takes care of everything and processes the payments directly with the centre or the private clinic.

Serious illnesses covered by Mundicare insurance

·     Treatments in oncology

·     Coronary artery in passing

·     Heart valve replacement

·     Transplants - living donor organs and bone marrow

·     Neurosurgery

·     Neurodegenerative diseases (ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's)

Mundicare Terms of Use

Age limit for admission:  67 years. The insurance expires at the age of 75 and / or when the total limit of EUR 2,000,000 is reached.

Previous illnesses are not covered.

​PREMIUMS (2020)

age / monthly premium
0 / 3,29 EUR
from 1 till 4 / 4,89 EUR
from 5 till 14 / 4,94 EUR
from 15 till 24 / 4,98 EUR
from 25 till 34 / 6,61 EUR
from 35 till 44 / 9,66 EUR
from45 till 54 / 19,57 EUR
from 55 till 64 / 33,69 EUR
from 65 till 75 / 46,73 EUR


Have Questions or Need Help?

Finding the right  insurance for serious illnesses  in Spain and understanding how it works can be confusing. If you have any questions, contact one of our dedicated account executives at or call us at +34 922 94 16 10. We are at your disposal.

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