Seguros de Salud en Tenerife, La Palma o Gran Canaria. Tenemos seguros médicos de cuadro medico y de reembolso, seguros dentales. Trabajamos con las mejores compañías en Salud: DKV Salud, ASSSA, Asisa, BUPA Sanitas. C1 Broker, correduría de seguros especializada en Seguros de Salud.

At C1 BROKER ®, Insurance Brokerage we are specialists in Health Insurance, Medical Reimbursement Insurance, Dental and Leave-of-Work Insurance.


If there is anything we have learned from the COVID-19 health crisis, it is that our health is the most valuable asset we have. As a result of the crisis, the healthcare system provided by the Social Security in Spain is completely overwhelmed and is unable to fulfil all of the requests for operations, transplants and even basic treatments such as haemodialysis and chemotherapy.

As an expatriate or resident in Spain, you should be aware of some basic facts about health insurance in Spain.

All insurance contracts in Spain can be cancelled at the end of each year, both on the part of the client as well as the insurer. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the insurer cancels the contract because the client simply costs too much. If the client then has a serious illness, they are unable to take out another health insurance policy. This can lead to financial ruin.


Unfortunately, too many customers are not properly informed or take out contracts with banks or Spanish intermediaries with no understanding of the English Health System and do not correctly inform clients about the exclusions and limits.

The majority of Spanish insurers limit stays in intensive care and there are even insurance companies which limit stays in intensive care to 3 days. There are also daily limits for standard hospital stays. Medication is only reimbursed for inpatient admissions and not outpatients. Prosthetics and transplants are often capped or not included.
Car accidents and occupational accidents are generally not included in most Spanish health insurance policies.


C1 Broker - We are real health insurance specialists


If If there is any industry that C1 Broker specialises in, it’s health insurance. Our health insurance advisors have more than 25 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge to impart. Let us be the ones to advise you!

We only work with health insurance providers who do not terminate their contracts and offer the highest cover limits on the market. What use is cheap insurance that doesn’t cover anything in an emergency?
Remember that health insurance exists which exclusively covers treatment at selected centres without a free choice of doctor, and other health insurance permits a free choice of doctor worldwide.

Find out more about the services offered by our selected health insurance providers in the following.

DKV Seguros, ASSSA and Allianz Salud.


Have Questions or Need Help?

Finding the right  medical insurance coverage in Spain and understanding how it works can be confusing. If you have any questions, contact one of our dedicated account executives at or call us at +34 922 94 16 10. We are at your disposal.

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