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Fleet Insurance in Spain? at C1 BROKER®, Insurance Brokerage we have solutions for your company

Car insurance for companies in the Canary Islands: Fleets (cars, vans, trucks)

If you have a fleet of several vehicles (cars, vans, trucks , etc.) it is advisable to make a single policy for all your company cars . The fleet policy allows you to save money (since all your vehicles are negotiated and included in a single contract). At C1 Broker® , Insurance Brokerage we offer you insurance for your company's fleet with all the guarantees and at the lowest possible price.

We work with the best insurance companies in the market ( Zurich, Liberty, Allianz, Helvetia ... ), to offer you the right products, guaranteeing your company the best quality fleet insurance at the lowest possible cost.

With our fleet insurance, you can insure all the vehicles of your company jointly, and choose from third party coverage to the most comprehensive coverage of all risks.


And what types of Vehicles are included in a Fleet Insurance?

You can include almost all types of vehicle as long as they are in the name (ownership) of your business:

  • Passenger cars

  • Motorcycles

  • Vans

  • Trucks

  • Industrial vehicles

  • Farm Equipment



What coverage can be contracted?

In fleet insurance, such as car insurance, several levels of coverage can be contracted:

  • Obligatory Subscription Civil Liability

  • Supplementary Civil Liability

  • Legal Defense and Damage Claims

  • Driver's Insurance

  • Travel Assistance in 2nd Category vehicles when the circulation area is National

  • Extraordinary risks (personal and material damages) Claim to the Insurance Compensation Consortium for damage to the insured vehicle

  • Windshield and Glass Breakage

  • Vehicle Fire

  • Vehicle Theft

  • Subtraction of the entire vehicle

  • Own Damages with Excess



Insurance for Rent-a-Car / Rental Cars


In tourist areas such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands or the Costa Blanca , there are a very high number of rental car companies , but very few insurance companies insure rental cars. If your business is a Rent-a-car , at C1 Broker you have the right Partner to insure your rental cars .


Temporary Insurance

Likewise, if you need short-term solutions, C1 Broker® offers short-term car insurance (from 1 day), for example, if you need to pass the ITV or are in the process of selling the car and have agreed to a driving test (does not apply to rental cars).


We are by your side


At C1 Broker® we will find the right fleet or rent-a-car insurance for your company. The commercial relationship with our business clients is of many years, since we help them to protect their risks while respecting the quality-price binomial.


Our work in the Insurance Brokerage not only involves advising on risk management and searching for the best insurance product solutions in the market , but also administrative management work, claims processing and monitoring of possible claims.


Our constant investment in training, innovation and knowledge, as well as digital expansion and process automation, add value to the quality of our service.


We act with dedication in the various areas of risk management and advice and we offer you more than 25 years of experience in the insurance market .


Contact us now and ask for your advice on fleet insurance. We guarantee the best price.



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We work with the best insurance companies in the market (Zurich, Liberty, Allianz, Helvetia ...), to guarantee your company fleet insurance with the best quality at the lowest possible cost.