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Claims settlement with C1 Insurance Brokers, useful information

Useful information on claims processing in Spain


C1 Insurance Brokers has its own claims department. We take care of the processing and keep you up to date. Unlike tied brokers, we represent your interests towards the insurance company as an independent broker.

Notification of claim for household goods building or shop


Please report your damage online, or contact our office. Please provide us with all  the necessary documents, such as photos, police reports and cost estimates or invoices, as quickly as possible. If possible, we will send you a repair company to fix the damage.

Under no circumstances should you have the damage repaired before it has been examined, or you have received permission from the Insurance Companies. Damage must be declared within 7 days, according to Spanish law. As a rule, no problems arise if the damage is declared too late. 

In the event of urgent water damage  you can immediately call a plumber to repair the damage. Then provide us with photos and the invoice. In the case of pipes that break in the wall or the floor and are repaired, do not seal the floor or the wall until we have sent an appraiser. The repair on the pipe can of course be carried out.

What to do in the event of a car accident

In Spain, car accidents are handled a little differently than in other European Countries.
Always fill out the accident report, tick the facts correctly and make sure that both parties sign. You can get an English translation of the Spanish accident report from us, or you can download it from this page. Please use the translation as an aid and fill out the Spanish copy.

This accident report is binding if the accident report has been signed by both parties, a subsequent correction of the course of the accident is not possible.


Take pictures and, if there are witnesses, write down their names and addresses. Of course, you also need the name, registration number and insurance of the other party involved in the accident.

If there is contradicting information between those involved in the accident, it is always better to call the police.

Any physical injuries must be declared to  C1 Insurance Brokers within 7 days in order to initiate the necessary complaints with the opposing insurance company.

Please provide us with all medical reports and documents as soon as possible.

What happens next


C1 Insurance Brokers takes over the entire process and also complaints to the opposing insurance company. 
Report any damage to us immediately.

As soon as we have the acceptance of the opposing insurance, we will inform you so that the vehicle can be repaired.
This may take up to 4 weeks, depending on whether the other party in the accident declares the damage to his insurance company quickly and accepts the guilt. If the accident report is filled out correctly, this can be much faster.


There is no entitlement to a replacement car in Spain, except your car policy states otherwise.