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Advantages of using Insurance Company Concerted Workshops - at C1 Broker we advise you.

Concerted Workshops

C1 Broker, your Insurance Broker, informs you of the service and advantages of using concerted company workshops.


Concerted Workshops: Zurich Advantages

  • Zurich Seguros offers more than 800 workshops to choose from.

  • Preferential attention at reception and priority in repair.

  • Agile repair of your car when expertise is not required.

  • 6-month warranty for any repair (Zurich extends the legal obligation for sheet metal and paint repairs by 3 months)

  • Extra services and benefits at no cost.

  • Collection and delivery of the vehicle wherever you want (Maximum distance to be confirmed by the workshop).

  • Courtesy vehicle. (According to availability of the workshop)

  • Discounts on breakdown repairs, sheet metal, painting and private maintenance.

  • Courtesy services after the repair of a claim: inspection of lights, tires and fluids, cleaning the car ... (The services are provided by the partner workshops of Zurich Insurance during the period of validity of the policy)

Find the closest Zurich Concerted Workshop ... you can search by postal code, city, province ...

Talleres concertados allianz, red de talleres

Excellent and Concerted Workshop Network: Allianz Seguros

  • Replacement vehicle in repair

  • Delivery service and home collection

  • Digital expertise without waiting

  • Internal and external cleaning of the car

  • Vehicle points check

  • Special discounts

  • Reduction of the franchise

  • ITV service (if you have Contracted All Risk coverage)

  • Two types of Workshop to choose from: Excellent Workshop and Concerted Network Workshop

Find the nearest Excellent Workshop and Allianz Concerted Workshop ... you can search by zip code, city, province ...

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Workshops that C1 Broker recommends in the Canary Islands

The several years of experience in the sector and the hundreds of claims that we manage each year, lead us to recommend the following arranged workshops:

In Tenerife South ...


Rotex Canarias 2008 SL

Adeje Galeón - near the ITV in Adeje - (German and English speak)

Address: Calle Bentinerfe, 5 - 38670 ADEJE - Tel .: 922102617 - 660300645 - Cif .: B38940292

E-mail: Rotex@gmx.com web: http://www.tallerchapa.com/rotex.html

Workshop services: Courtesy vehicle (check availability with the workshop) / Collection and Delivery /

Ext. Washing And Vacuuming / Tires.


Teidemoción SL

(The Chafiras)

Avda. Modesto Hernández González, 48/38639 LAS CHAFIRAS Tel .: 922736173 - 657562192 Cif .: B38948766

E-mail: teidemocion@yahoo.es ; web: https://www.facebook.com/teidemocion

Workshop services: Courtesy vehicle (check availability with the workshop)

Pickup and Delivery / Photo-Expertise / PD / Extended Warranty / Ext. Washing and Vacuuming / Dtos. in Private Repairs

/ Check Pts. Main / Mechanics / Tires



On La Palma ...


Cutillas SL Workshop in Los Llanos

Calle La Carrilla, 17 38760 LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE Tel .: 922460088 Cif .: B38204566

E-mail: tallercutillas@tallercutillas.com web: https://tallercutillas.net

Workshop services: Courtesy vehicle (check availability with the workshop)

Collection and Delivery / Exterior Washing and Vacuuming / Tires


Julín Workshop

Camino La Era 12 A 38750 - El Paso Julín SL NIF: B-38539201

Tel. 922 48 60 55 Fax. 922 49 72 81 Mobile: 664 818 301

E-mail: service@tallerjulin.com web: http://tallerjulin.com/
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 18:00 and Friday: 8:00 - 14:00


Yanes Workshop in El Paso

Avenida Venezuela - Polígono Industrial Fátima S / N - Next to ITV 38750 El Paso - La Palma - S / C Tenerife

Telephone 922 49 73 52 - Fax: 922 49 72 78 |

E-mail: talleryanes@gmail.com web: http://www.talleryanes.com